With decades of industry experience, ClaimSmart Consultants are your partners you want to help you through the claims process to ensure you achieve the right outcome.

There are many claims that go well however for all of those, there are also many that do not.

Those that do not are often time consuming and a minefield of challenges that are not easy to overcome.

The world is forever changing and so also, is the world of general claims.

Staying up to speed with the changes and being able to adapt to those changes is what makes ClaimSmart Consultants your right partner in achieving success.

Whether it be indemnity issues on liability claims or a helping hand to guide you through large losses, we can help.

We specialise in all insurance products other than Workers Compensation and Business Interruption. We have however partnered with businesses that specialise in these areas and can liase with them and direct you to them to address those specialised products.

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