Director of ClaimSmart, Greg Stacey, has over 3 decades experience in the insurance industry in Western Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory, all in technical claims and relationship roles.

This experience has held Greg in good stead as far as product knowledge is concerned as well as acknowledging that service delivery is a market differentiator.

ClaimSmart Consultants, along with its alliance partners, Beanstalk Advisory and YourClaim, have the right solution to all of your claims needs.

There are few claims challenges that we have not encountered with many years of industry experience.

The key measure of success in a client’s eyes is the right outcome in a timely manner.

Insurers engage professionals to look after their interests such as loss adjusters, engineers, etc….you should have a professional looking after your clients interests!

Often engaging us is at no cost to you.

Greg Stacey, Director

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