Whether it be on a retainer basis or one off instruction, we can assist with claims that fall under:

  • Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • ISR
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Domestic Home and Contents
  • Contract Works
  • Landlords

An increasing number of insurance products provide Claims Preparation cover, not just Commercial Property policies.

It is also not widely understood that it is not a prerequisite for there to be a Business Interruption claim before Claims Preparation costs can be considered.

Claims Preparation cover now appears in some liability policies and domestic policies which, of course,  means there is no cost to the broker or their client.

Refer to the PDS which will stipulate if prior approval from the insurer is required before Claims Preparation expenses are incurred.

If it does, we can assist with drafting the appropriate submission to send to the insurer.

Claims can be very time consuming so engaging ClaimSmart makes commercial sense and it ensures that the correct settlement is achieved.

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